Today I’m going to write about recent (may) broad core google update. In this SEO case study, you will learn how I recover my website from broad core google algorithm updates.

First of all, you need to know I’m not an expert to recover from Google updates but in my 7 years of blogging career I worked with my own niche websites which affected badly broad core updates.

In 2020 product review update, one of my websites was affected badly so I learned more from this update and implement it on my websites.

How I Recover My Site From Google Broad Core Update

Mainly I worked on the technical part:

I was an amazon associate last couple of months ago I joined ezoic to earn some extra money because most of the rank articles were info posts but I hadn’t experience with ezoic that’s why after couple of days letter search console showed needs improvement all of my URLs.

after install ezoic
After install ezoic

I saw needs improvements URLs on search console but I hadn’t worked because of laziness:) when I identified some problems first I decided to solve the speed issue so I open ticket on ezoic because I was ezoic leap user and my hosting on upcloud VPS.

# 1. Spammy Backlink Remove

Last year I started this site and did 301 from one of my same niche site. I did 301 manually only selected important posts but after google may 2022 update I saw someone indexed gambling posts on my old website.

So, I deleted all including WordPress, & install again WordPress but not yet redirect or link my mother site.

To redirect manually all credit goes to Shek Md Masudur Rashid founder of Rank Pen

# 2. Content Upgrade

First I login wp dashboard and move to the last page, most of the article’s published date was 2020 so added/deleted some words on couple of most old posts.

Before click on update must change publish date and change something your post title. show your updated date on google search instead of publish date, it will increase your CTR & ranking as well.

I deleted some interlink that was linked to other categories’ posts.

# 3. Robots.txt

Last year I was affected by SQL injection this time my daily traffic was 800 with only 60 plus articles. someone indexed 700 plus gambling post by creating virtual slot category on my site. I hired security expert and he removed all of the gambling post.

All gambling post created with one category so disallowed this category from robots.txt but may 2022 When my trafffic drop by google update I back rankmath default robots.txt

Sabbir H. Mukul

# 4. Sitemap

After completed 1, 2 & 3 steps I deleted all sitemap from search console and created again to crawl all post again.

I saw most of the post google crawled 45/60/25 etc date ago so I decided to submit sitemap to crawl pages.

# 5. Speed Optimization

My website speed was 95 plus on both desktop and mobile after installing ezoic day by day speed decreased because of LCP.

I contacted ezoic to solve this problem they suggest me some method & it worked to optimize speed. After google update lost 80% traffic .

After Google Update
After Google Update lost 80% organic traffic

Finally I decided to remove ezoic to solve speed issue and little other problems. After remove ezoic search console showing green singal again. This is the result for mobile:)

Mobile Results for google search console
Mobile Results for google search console

This is the result for desktop:)

Desktop Results on Search Console

May 19 first time noticed traffic decreasing.

Traffic Decreasing

Final Results

After completing listed #5 task from Jun 17 traffic coming back again:)

Traffic Increasing from jun 17

This Screenshot from Universal Analytics Jun 23 I moved to google analytics 4 (GA-4).


Screenshot from GA-4


Last 6-month search console reports:

search console reports

I work since 2014 as an SEOs, When I was university first-year student I completed an SEO & digital marketing course.

I’m doing affiliate marketing besides my study and family business. Last year I completed an MBA and after lots of controversies finally decided to be a professional internet marketer.

Therefore, Last month I rent an office to work professionally. Currently working with my own niche sites and also planning to provide SEO | affiliate-related services partially.

I’m not good at writing sorry for the bad English. by the way, I’m going to hit publish button:)

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